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RCMP car

A 26-year-old man is facing two counts of attempted murder and a plethora of other charges, following a two-vehicle parking lot collision on Monday evening in Bonavista.

4/20/2018 5:35:25 PM

government house

Colonial art was taken off the walls at Government House this week and replaced with the works of Indigenous art from Newfoundland and Labrador artists.

4/20/2018 4:50:42 PM

Hubert Noftall

St. John's resident Hubert Noftall has taken his hockey stick display in support of the Humboldt Broncos a bit further than most.

4/20/2018 3:53:32 PM

Ryan Snoddon Middle Cove Beach winter blizzard storm snow

It was the toughest decision, but meteorologist Ryan Snoddon is moving to work in the Maritimes.

4/20/2018 10:32:22 AM

Keith Sullivan FFAW

A new ruling is proof that FISH-NL has insufficient support to trigger a ratification vote, says union president Keith Sullivan.

4/20/2018 1:57:45 PM

Regina Fitzgerald

The sentence will allow Regina Fitzgerald to keep working in her new job as a massage therapist and pay back her customers.

4/20/2018 12:23:57 PM

Kaetlyn Osmond

It's not cheap to pull off a figure skating event with a world champion.

4/20/2018 2:51:01 PM

Waterford Valley High students

Waterford Valley High will spend its $20,000-prize on new technology.

4/20/2018 11:35:16 AM

tom osborne budget 2018

About 2,100 civil servants say show me the money, now. But the finance minister says it's impossible to keep up with the requests.

4/20/2018 7:41:16 AM


Despite being designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, Mistaken Point may have to operate during peak season without its interpretation centre.

4/20/2018 8:31:42 AM