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Kim Christianson CSFP

Newfoundland and Labrador’s French school board says “sexy” Galway is the ideal location for a new school in the St. John’s area. But it won’t come cheap.

6/18/2019 3:30:16 AM

Peggy Dixon and Carolyn Parsons

A new reference work from Boulder Books details about 300 or so of the many insects and other arthropods you might encounter lurking in your basement or on a walk in the woods.

6/18/2019 2:30:00 AM

RNC Radar

Patrol officers ticketed four speeders in Corner Brook Monday night, two of whom were clocked going 150 km/h.

6/18/2019 3:12:05 AM

Titanic laser

Just two weeks before the inaugural trek to the wreck of the Titanic, the company said it has to cancel the dive after a vessel was withdrawn at the last minute.

6/17/2019 5:35:34 PM

Donna Brewer-inquiry

There’s now a better understanding of the curious and complex case of a head-scratching increase to the cost of Muskrat Falls, and the circumstances are not flattering for the provincial bureaucracy.

6/17/2019 3:37:56 PM

David Picco

Musician David Picco decided to return to St. John's and step away from being a full-time musician. Instead, he found himself writing more songs than ever.

6/17/2019 4:39:23 PM

Climate Students 20190315

Canadians are deeply concerned about climate change and are willing to make adjustments in their lives to fight it — but for many people, paying as much as even a monthly Netflix subscription in extra taxes is not one of them, a new poll suggests.

6/18/2019 2:00:00 AM

Charlene Johnson

Federal Liberals have sent Bill C-69, to overhaul environmental assessment legislation, back to the Senate with sweeping changes it recommended, but this province wants more changes before it's passed into law.

6/17/2019 1:32:39 PM

philip chancey

Philip Chancey is accused of cheating Cox Automotive Canada out of $1 million.

6/17/2019 8:45:26 AM

water street

As the five-year project to dig up aging water and sewer infrastructure continues in downtown St. John's, the archeologist supervising the project has seen a few interesting items unearthed.

6/17/2019 8:19:38 AM