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Bill Smith's ring

Jacob Smith lost his grandfather’s ring in a local swimming hole. A year later, a boy named Jacob Scott found it while snorkelling — and the coincidences don’t end there.

8/19/2019 3:30:00 AM

Workers compensation review division NL building CBC

Injured workers who want to appeal decisions about their cases are currently facing a one-year wait for a process that, by law, is supposed to take just 60 days.

8/19/2019 2:30:00 AM

Mimi Sheriff and friends Quidi Vidi

Newfoundland hospitality? It's in our best interests to keep that up, writes Mimi Sheriff.

8/18/2019 2:01:07 PM

Hibernia oil rig

A power outage on the Hibernia platform Saturday evening resulted in about 2,200 litres of oil spilling into the ocean. 

8/18/2019 6:10:03 AM

Trevor Tuck and Kim Thompson

With a new $1.7M investment, soon it will take Tuck's Bee Better Farms just a day to make as much cranberry juice with honey as they currently do in a month.

8/18/2019 10:22:06 AM

outhouse in newfoundland

Dan Schaumann travels the world photographing unique bathrooms, and has added some Newfoundland loos to his collection.

8/18/2019 7:40:39 AM

RCMP 6155 calgary cruiser car royal canadian mounted police cop policing vehicle law enforcement

The town of Mud Lake in Labrador is reeling after what locals are calling a string of break-ins to houses and cabins in the area.

8/18/2019 12:37:23 PM

Paradise house damage

Construction to infrastructure in Paradise has left one resident with some of the bill after contractors caused damage to his family's home while completing work approved by the town.

8/18/2019 1:33:15 PM

Robert Way

A team led by Queen's University has been travelling along the Labrador coast this summer installing small weather stations which operate via satellite.

8/18/2019 11:31:53 AM

Camille Turner

19 slave ships were built in Newfoundland, and salt cod fed slaves in the Caribbean. Now, Camille Turner wants us to think more about that little-known legacy.

8/18/2019 5:30:00 AM