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Andrew Furey

Premier Andrew Furey is doubling down on Perry Trimper's decision to remain as an MHA in the Liberal caucus until the next general election. 

10/28/2020 5:08:57 PM


The trial of two southwest coast residents charged in the death of a cat took place in Port aux Basques on Wednesday.

10/28/2020 5:34:08 PM

Tom Osborne

Education Minister Tom Osborne says he will likely make an announcement in January about year-end public exams, despite calls from NDP MHA Jim Dinn to cancel them now.

10/28/2020 2:17:20 PM

Dominion strike RNC

The union representing striking Dominion workers and Loblaw Companies Limited have agreed to resume negotiations Thursday to try to settle the two-month long strike.

10/28/2020 2:37:52 PM

Janice Fitzgerald

Newfoundland and Labrador reported no new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, its second day in a row without a new case.

10/28/2020 9:59:20 AM

Photo illustration

Earlier this month, CBC Investigates sent out a questionnaire to get a sense of the experiences teachers were having, now that everyone is back in the classroom.

10/28/2020 3:00:00 AM


In next year's municipal election, donations from unions and corporations will be capped at 50 per cent of total contributions.

10/28/2020 11:19:22 AM

halloween decorations

Trick-or-treating is a go Saturday night, although the province's chief public officer of health says certain pandemic precautions should be taken.

10/28/2020 8:34:04 AM

robin mcgrath

Robin McGrath flatly denied assault allegations from the witness box Tuesday, as work culture was pushed to the fore by his lawyers' line of questions.

10/27/2020 7:36:05 PM

Richard Murphy

Conception Bay South’s deputy mayor says the town has to consider two important factors before it votes on whether to approve an ambitious infill proposal for the harbour in Long Pond.

10/28/2020 4:30:00 AM